Funny little story from the day. Ianiv and I both went to work late today - Ianiv went off to get a blood test, and I had physiotherapy. Both of us felt tired after. Ianiv, because he’d had no food and was a minus a few vials of blood, me because I’d fallen asleep during my TENS session.

Anyway, I am heading back to work and take a small detour down to the Take 5 Cafe at AXA Place on Hastings and Burrard to grab an Americano. I was expecting a busy day and caved into my craving. Not too long later, Ianiv decides to take himself to Take 5 as well for an Americano - this time at the Pacific Centre location.

It wasn’t until later that we both realized the coincidence. Neither of us pick Take 5 as our usual coffee spots for day to day cravings - mind you, this is only because the cafe locations are not as close as others. The fact that we both went to Take 5 and not others was pretty funny. We got a good laugh out of both of our little detour trips today to grab a Take 5 moment. And the coffee was worth it. Every time.